How to Write a Hook for an Essay

The hook of an essay grabs the attention of the reader and allows the author to draw the person into the essay. The hook of the essay has to be highly interesting and one that intrigues the attention of the reader and additionally, it can be highly entertaining or thought-provoking.

The author initially, needs to identify their audience since it will assist them in inventing the means of attracting their attention and surprising them. If the audience is academic, the author should utilize a literary quote as the hook sentence. Therefore, the creation of the content will be simpler since the author becomes aware of whom they are addressing.

The author additionally needs to identify the significance of the essay. They must realize the reasons for creating the essay and the manner that they intend to get their message across to their readers. They have to be aware of the reader’s wishes and the information they will gain from reading the essay.

The author can utilize a quote hook which is utilized in composing an essay based on an author or a book. This assists in the establishment of authority over the topic which ultimately, strengthens the thesis of the essay. Additionally, the author can also utilize a specific statistic that might sound implausible to the reader. However, this creates excitement towards the reader as they would want to know more.

The writer can also use a fact which is an effective way to gain the reader’s attention compared to provision of a dubious fact that the reader is unaware of. In the use of a question as a hook, the author must ensure it is highly intriguing. It must be clear and concise to the reader as they may have intentions of finding out the answers through reading the following paragraph.

Depending on the type of essay, the type of hook that the author intends on using varies. For the term essays you will need a hook that definitely differs from a hook for admission paper. The author must remember that their essay hook does not guarantee that the rest of the essay will be concise. Therefore, they should organize their research and create an outline before choosing the best hook for the essay.